Today I welcome Rhoda Brain to The Success Rebellion Podcast Show, to tap into her wealth of experience working with, and managing, remote teams. In 2020 we have felt an immediate change in the structure of companies, with the vast majority making the shift not by choice, but a necessity, to a virtual workforce. Rhoda shares her key tips on creating a high-performing virtual team, that is not tied down by the physical location of an office – but still manages to perform.


Rhoda also answers the question that has been at the top of my mind, can we create, or even simply maintain a company culture when working remotely? Rhoda thinks we can, and in some ways, working remotely allows for an even better way of driving culture and focusing on performance.

Learn the tools that Rhoda uses to manage her virtual team across the world, including some highly valuable productivity trackers and her own SOP for ensuring the whole team is communicating effectively on projects.

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