Ryan Jackson is a successful serial entrepreneur and a powerful success coach. Founder and Director of one of the UK’s foremost car park management companies Gemini Parking Solutions, Ryan has raised quality standards to unprecedented heights and sparked positive change in an industry with a notorious reputation.

Through the delivery of a unique values based company culture that empowers all staff through personal development, Gemini have gained industry wide recognition and are considered one of the leading companies within this sector.

Ryan also owns a property development company in Thailand, as well as numerous other business interests and an impressive property portfolio.

Growing up  in a challenging area of East London, there was a time when Ryan teetered on the edge of criminality.  He could have continued on this dangerous path, had he not experienced a startling moment of self-realisation. He challenged himself to change his life for the better. Through self-improvement, transforming his thinking and changing his environment, he created his compelling vision of an amazing future, and set about making it a reality.

His meteoric success drove his businesses to turn over millions of pounds each year, with progressive global expansion. As a coach and acclaimed motivational speaker Ryan is passionate about inspiring people to break free of their limitations, leave deprivation or ‘average’ lives behind, and set their sights high. Ryan drives people to exceed their potential and transform their lives.