In today’s episode of The Success Rebellion, our guest Emmanuel Asuquo dives into how to break the cycle of debt and switch from the consumer mindset to using money as a tool.

Emmanuel shares key insights that help unleash your potential and create financial freedom for yourself and those closest to you. Listen to this incredibly powerful episode that sheds light on some of the key disciplines to creating success and achieving your goals. From understanding the keys to financial freedom to escaping the rat race and breaking barriers, this episode will bring value to anyone, regardless of where you are in your journey to success.

Emmanuel shared the story where he first set his eyes on a brighter future when looking out to the financial district, seeing the office buildings that would leave their light on overnight and told himself that one day he would be working in those buildings. After working hard to get his foot through the door, he quickly proved himself as a hard worker and quickly started to become a peak performer and one of the highest-rated financial advisors in the UK.

He is now a renowned, financial advisor, media personality, wealth building entrepreneur and international speaker.

Following his early success, Emmanuel was approached by the press and was featured on the BBC, the Telegraph and then brought into the homes of millions across the UK as Co-host on Channel 4′s 2019 program, ‘Save Well, Spend Better’.

Coming from humble beginnings Emmanuel held on to his deep care for the plight of everyday people and businesses and the mistakes that often held the lives of individuals and companies in difficulty.

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