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Ryan Jackson is CEO of the UK’s only values-based car park management company: Gemini Parking Solutions.

He freely admits that discovering personal development rescued him from a potential life of crime. Now a businessman and entrepreneur, as a mixed-race youth, he battled succumbing to racial stereotyping.

Personal development helped him to overcome social disadvantage and adversity and to achieve success beyond society’s expectations.

When Ryan Jackson was a teenager, and even into his 20s, he thought people were either born into wealth and success – or achieved it through incredible luck. Working class, with black heritage, tattoos and a twang – he didn’t fit the mould.

Aspiring to a better lifestyle, he fell into petty crime – and his life could have taken a darker turn, if Ryan had not begun a journey of personal development.

He says: “I became hungry to learn how successful people operated, and to put their lessons to use, in my own life. I studied success mindsets and achieved a real level of self-awareness through reading books by people like Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, and Paulo Coelho. I felt empowered, and that I’d found myself and developed a true sense of self-belief. I decided to aim high and set out to achieve my goals.”

Ryan had always wanted to run his own business. When the opportunity to establish a car-clamping company was first suggested to him, Ryan initially dismissed the idea. When someone different mentioned it, too, Ryan thought this strange synchronicity must be a sign to look into it.

“After doing some research, I decided to do it,” he says. “I wanted my business to be a success, and for me to be the best version of myself. So, despite having dropped out of school and college, I devoted myself to learning about business, reading leadership books and going on courses.

“Soon, I was running a car park management company, helping businesses to control their parking using pay and display and other means. I am passionate about counteracting the bad reputation the industry has and am determined to run an ethical company based on empathy, fairness and justice. Our company values determine all we do.

“I have to do more to counteract negative stereotypes of myself, too. But I have high expectations of myself and hold myself and my company to the highest ethical standards. We’ve raised the bar for others.”

With the business established, five years later Ryan had – what he terms to be – a personal “blow-out,” causing him a period of anxiety, and emotional and mental upheaval. He took time to re-appraise his priorities, his purpose and his values. His fundamental belief in self-development and his dedication to his own personal and professional improvement have been a life-saver.

“Adversity can give us the sharp shock we need to return us to our own true life-path,” he says. “This experience gave me complete clarity – on my identity, my mission, my values and my passion. Adversity also offers great opportunity. The chance to re-evaluate, re-prioritise and re-focus.”

Gemini Parking Solutions, Ryan’s company, is the UK’s first and only values-based car park management company.

Ryan has worked hard, with true commitment, personal discipline and absolute dedication to his vision and goals. His company has gone from strength to strength, he is a success coach and business mentor, and his own business interests are expanding to other industries and other countries. But he does not want to stop there.

“I hold myself to high standards, a higher purpose and the highest values,” Ryan says. “I want to employ my businesses in creating positive change in the world. There is too much scarcity in society – in people’s thinking and in their lives. I am living proof that anyone can achieve what they set their mind on, with a change of attitude, a drive to take action, and an abundance mindset.”

Try not to become a man of SUCCESS

Rather become a man of VALUE

Albert Einstein


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