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Some people are defeated before they begin the race – because of their negative mindset. But it has been proven that when you believe, you will achieve.

And even if you don’t achieve first time – the positivity of a success mindset means that you will have the emotional and mental resilience to bounce back from adversity. You will succeed, when you persist.

Develop an Abundance Mindset for Success  

Do you ever think that there’s never enough money, time or resources? Do you worry that these things are scarce? And consequently, do you act out of fear that there’s ‘not enough’? Or do you take the stance that there’s plenty of everything, and you just need to access it in the right way? In other words – do you have a scarcity mindset or an abundance mindset?

Successful people have an abundance mindset. They believe there is plenty of everything for everyone, and it’s just a case of taking some action and tapping into the flow. If it’s possible for them, it’s possible for you. Therefore, it’s well worth developing this abundance mindset to achieve success in your work and the rest of your life.

Childhood Beliefs and Hard-Wired Fear Responses

We develop our beliefs, values, behaviour and attitude in childhood. When we are very young, we believe what influential adults say – and those beliefs (positive or negative) shape us and our thinking at an identity level – often for the rest of our lives. So, a belief in scarcity might have been learned from our parents, family members, schoolteachers, media, or from the culture in society. Your father might have warned you that ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’ or perhaps your teacher told you ‘You have to work very hard to get anything in life’.

Such early-formed beliefs subconsciously affect your approach to life, wealth and success – even decades into the future. When you believe money is hard to get, work is tough, opportunities are few – this becomes your reality, and it is incredibly restrictive. Such beliefs can kick off your hard-wired primitive human responses to danger: fight, flight or freeze. These responses translate today to behaviour like aggressive competitiveness (for ‘scarce’ resources); running away from opportunities; avoiding challenges, or simply not even trying.

Scarcity Mindsets Block Success

Those deep-set beliefs mean that some people think they have to work incredibly hard to succeed, sacrificing relationships, family and leisure. Even if they achieve some aspects of their business goals, the rest of their life looks like a failure. And if the belief persists that they must work hard for all they have, that becomes their reality. They can never relax, for fear that it disappears. And once they are wealthy or successful, that creeping fear – that limiting belief – can often mean that they remain dissatisfied. Many millionaires with a scarcity mindset slip back into bankruptcy, and have to start all over again, in a relentless circle of scarcity and abundance.

Holding a scarcity mindset affects business leaders and entrepreneurs, preventing them from achieving success. This is a limiting belief that holds people back from fulfilling their full potential, or succeeding in their goals, hopes or dreams.

Change your Mindset

Nurture a new habit of thinking – a new mindset for success. This involves being creative.

In vivid detail and get a real sense of the pleasure of success and achievement. Imagine how it feels to have everything you want – and this goal will become compelling, motivating you to achieve it. 

o more than is required for clients. Customer satisfaction isn’t really satisfactory. When you over-deliver in business and create ‘customer delight’ – more business, more recommendations, more clients, more opportunities and greater profits will come your way. 

Watch what you say to yourself and others. Eradicate negative talk like “I can’t”, or “not” and replace them with phrases of possibility and positivity, like “we can” and “I will”. 

Scarcity thinking might be a habit of a lifetime, ingrained in your subconscious since childhood. And yes, it’s hard to kick the habit, and it will feel awkward and uncomfortable, at first.

But, like giving up smoking, it’s worth the effort to shake that nasty habit and acquire a healthier way of thinking – to accelerate your success.

“Once your Mindset Changes, Everything on the Outside will Change Along with it”

Steve Maraboli


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