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We’ve all experienced those days and even weeks when we question what we’re doing, and we’re so demotivated, we ask ourselves, “Why do I even bother?” There are times when, no matter what we do, everything just seems to go against us – whether it’s silly errors made by our staff or colleagues, or disastrous events that have huge financial consequences for the business; maybe it’s faults in machinery, vehicles or equipment that are completely out of our control – yet they seriously threaten the company’s operations.

For all the highs of running your business, you’re likely to encounter plenty of lows, too – this is just a reality for many of us who pursue a career as an entrepreneur or business leader.

If you are unlucky enough to experience such setbacks, especially if they occur on a frequent basis, this will undoubtedly begin to drain your motivation.  It can also cloud your reasoning, and in some cases, make you wonder why you set out in business in the first place.   Fortunately, I’m here to help.

I’ve been there and worn the t-shirt. And whether it’s through luck, determination or sheer brilliance – I have come out the other side with learning, experience and tools to ensure I never fall back into that negative space again. Irrespective of what might be going on in the world around me, through numerous bumps in the road at work or dramas at home, I show up daily – fully motivated and fully charged, ready to take on the world! I’ll tell you how.


Motivation relies on the frame you put around the image of how you see things – so, in order to remain motivated, you have to reframe the way you see the world and think about what happens in it. The good news is, there are practices you can start today that will begin to develop your mental character – the right state of mind to ensure that you operate with the highest level of motivation at all times.  And the 5 tips I’m going to be sharing with you today will help you to stay motivated in business and work.

1. Do something you love.

My number one tip is for you to do something you’re passionate about. Choose this as your work, and it doesn’t feel like work – it’s pleasure. So many of us have landed in careers we initially would have had no intention of pursuing, or have fallen into roles without consciously seeking to do the things that lift us and bring us joy. It surprises me how many people are in positions that they don’t actually enjoy. Too often, they gave up all thoughts of following their passion and doing what they really wanted to do. Why? Often because of money – they are offered a job and they take it, just to have some income. Or maybe they have been pushed into a career by their parents, family members or friends, and it isn’t something they truly love. Before they realise, years have gone by and they feel they’re on a course they never chose, and they can’t change track. In essence, they’ve sacrificed their values for a paycheck – or to live somebody else’s dreams instead of their own. You can choose differently – choose what raises your spirits and taps into your passions.


2. Think big.

It can sometimes feel as though we’re stuck in a rut, or we’re not actually making progress – which is demotivating. The reason may be that we’re not actually thinking big enough. We’re setting goals that we hit effortlessly because they are not challenging enough –  like aiming just to pay the bills at the end of the month, or living to go out at the weekend with friends. We have to start setting goals that take us out of our comfort zone – ones that might even seem impossible when we first think about them. Ambitious goals might make us feel slightly apprehensive and even scare us – but the adrenalin rush can be turned into excitement. By stretching yourself and your expectations, you move beyond your perceived or self-imposed limits, opening up wider opportunities and reaching greater success.

3. Take time out.

You know, it’s very hard to see the label when you’re sitting inside the jar – sometimes, you have to step out. Being bound up in work, in the constant doing, we can lose perspective, unable to see things for what they are. So, schedule time out of your business – either to relax and reflect, or to work on yourself. I’d advise you to do this quarterly, at the very least. It can mean either taking downtime – doing things like meditating, walking, or going on holiday. I find I always come back from holiday with so much inspiration and renewed energy for work! Or, you could go away on a course, for learning. Other successful entrepreneurs – for example, Steve Jobs – regularly take time out to re-energise, and kick-start their motivation.


4. Read and learn.

There is a wealth of knowledge out there. Continuously reading and learning new things – especially business theory and practices, and principles for success can supercharge your motivation. You can learn how to cultivate the correct mindset, develop skills, adapt your personality traits or characteristics to take you to where you want to be. You can learn and develop yourself in so many ways –  courses, webinars, paperback books or audiobooks… By just committing yourself to reading and doing this consistently, you’re learning, growing, and acquiring new skills – which can boost your motivation for business.


5. Hire a business coach.

Look at any elite performers, business entrepreneurs or sports stars – and you’ll find they employ coaches and mentors to bring out the best in them. A coach is someone objective who will hold you accountable for taking steps to achieve your goals, challenge you, and at times when you lack motivation or can’t conjure up the energy to execute tasks, you’ve got someone pushing you, making sure you never rest on your laurels and making sure you’re growing and moving forward, in the right direction. This is one of the key benefits of having a business coach, for me.


Cultivating resilience and a positive mindset aren’t things that can be achieved overnight. However, developing a regular practice and routinely using some of these tips and strategies, you will start to raise your motivation to a higher level, achieving personal satisfaction and professional success.

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