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Sept 11th 2001 marked a day in history that will never be forgotten. The hijacking of four passenger planes led by “extremist militants” on US soil, resulted in many shocking and unnecessary deaths that touched the entire world.  The fate of hundreds of thousands of innocent people across the globe were sealed on that that day as a result of this catastrophe. Now just decades later, a new terror has now struck global civilisation causing panic and division across the world however, have we been fooled to misidentify the true virus that that threatens humanity and the wellbeing of our families and loved ones.

Coronavirus or the media – who’s the real threat?

For me, what stands out most was not the planes’ collision into the twin towers, but the unveiling of a new form of weaponry never before used in such orders of magnitude: media coverage. Many acts of war had occurred previously, but no event in history has ever been so widely documented in such a public way. For the first time, a single event was covered, live, by almost every media and news channel across the globe. The events of that day set in motion a narrative in which Muslims were perceived as public enemy number one across all continents, and subjected to a hate campaign that filtered its way deep into the unconscious mind. Since that day, Muslims have encountered distrust, anger and hatred; while governments had an excuse to pillage and destroy Muslim countries in the name of justice and democracy. These actions go largely unquestioned by their citizens, led to believe their governments are acting for their safety. However, with this narrative outplayed and losing momentum, are we now presented with a new enemy as the focus of our media’s attention?

is the media more dangerous than the virus?

What is evident from the recent Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak is the blatant fear campaign led by the global media.

Unsubstantiated reports become the day’s top story, manipulating the minds of the masses into believing in our impending doom. Through false information and suggestive language. All without evidence. There is no governance, no scrutiny and no caring. The media apparently have free rein on whichever lie to put before us, in imposing their message of terror. The media institutions’ power seems to transcend that of our government: either setting the tone for the government obliged to follow it; or holding them to ransom, according to their agenda.

It’s important to remember that these media organisations are parts of corporations owned by just a few wealthy private individuals motivated not by ethics and values, but by economic and political power. Through the organisations they control, they have the ability to plant any message they wish to convey into the minds of their readership or audience – such is their power! Who are the real terrorists?

It’s important to remember that these media organisations are parts of corporations owned by just a few wealthy private individuals motivated not by ethics and values

What is clear is that imposing fear on the public leads them to seek protection from a higher authority. In the process, many will obligingly surrender their rights and freedom, in order to avoid the consequences of this increasing “threat”. Same strategy – different enemy! However, the true agenda is not known. Could it be to impose tighter restrictions and border controls? Mandatory coronavirus vaccinations? The banning of physical currency? Or a planned world economic collapse? I believe this coronavirus outbreak may result in some of the above being imposed upon us. And although it’s impossible to be one hundred percent sure at this stage, what is clear is that the media are being used to re-set and maintain a global consciousness of fear and control – where the only winners are those at the very top. This leave the likes of you and me to try and make sense of this madness, steering through the debris towards a safe destination, out of harm’s way.

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