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In Part 1 of this 2-part series, I shared the initial list of book titles that I’ve read over the past 18 months, some of which have made a significant impact on both me and my business. The whole list covers a range of topics, from accounting to personal development, and from marketing to business success.

Part 1: Best Books for Business and Personal Success

Here are ten more books from the list, all of which will undoubtedly expand your personal and professional development. I would even go as far to say that some of the books contained within this part of the article are in fact life-changing. It’s a big statement to make, but so true!


1. Growth Hacker Marketing – Ryan Holiday. Growth hackers provide creative, affordable strategies that help businesses to gain and retain customers, for exponential growth. Many platforms employ growth hacking, which has contributed to all major companies’ success. For example, within their first eighteen months, Instagram sold billions of products. Find out how they created that exponential growth from their products, and moreover, from marketing them. How did they create virality, and how do products and services go viral? This book gives a 4-step process to show how start-ups can mesh marketing and product development so that the product itself gains new customers.


2. 24 Assets – Daniel Priestley. So, so powerful. Not many entrepreneurs are creating books as impactful as Daniel Priestley is. I was at an event where he was talking about Key Persons of Influence, and full of ego, I thought I didn’t have much to learn about that subject. But I picked up 24 Assets and read it. This is definitely a recommended read. He really knows his stuff, and is ahead of the curve, so I realised that I needed to read his other books, too. This lays out how to develop a business into a valuable asset that’s scalable, digital, enjoyable and makes an impact. Just what you should focus on, to be successful.


3. Oversubscribed – Daniel Priestley. This is about marketing your business to create demand for your product and establish growth. At the age of 21, Daniel Priestley started as a successful entrepreneur, building a multimillion dollar business by the age of 25. This book is so insightful and powerful! It explains how you systematically expand demand for your business and glean big profits. Basically – you should be oversubscribed and have clients chasing you, rather than the other way round.


4. Becoming Supernatural Dr. Joe Dispenza Subtitled How Common People are Doing the Uncommon, this is about metaphysical matters – harnessing the power of the mind – a powerful tool, once we understand it and learn to use it correctly. At present, we don’t – we’re only using it for a couple of functions. But the mind can be used for healing and to create the life we desire. Joe Dispenza presents the power of visualisation, mind movies and mind maps. We can hack into these and use our biochemistry to override current programmes, and create new outcomes in our lives. Very powerful.


5. The Surrender Experiment – Michael A Singer. I have recommended this book to a few people, and they’ve told me this is the most powerful book they’ve ever read. It tells the story of the author surrendering to life, and going with the universal flow. Michael Sanger went from having no money (just an ‘everyday hippy’ as he put it), to becoming CEO of a multimillion dollar software company. His story describes the problem of us trying to control everything – how our day works out, the weather, every aspect of our lives – which just causes misery. But when we just surrender, with faith that we will be taken in the right direction, everything becomes effortless and we receive much more than we can ever know. It’s just about being open to receiving the abundance that’s out there.


6. Perennial Seller – Ryan Holiday. The author of Growth Hacker Marketing turns to choosing products that sell and sell. Across all industries – music, clothes, whatever – regardless of fashion or fads, there are certain classic items that outsell others, year on year. What is it about these products that makes them last and sell forever? This book explores the fundamental principles of creating great work with a long life – a product that is a perennial seller. When we aim to create something that lasts for decades, we can’t use short-term tactics – so this book is essential reading before beginning any marketing.


7. Choose Yourself – James Altucher. I initially came across an article he wrote on self-publishing – which did what others talk about – providing great value to your client. And this article was testament to that: an in-depth description of the process of self-publishing. I bought into him, based on that one article and the fact that he has also used the services of Ryan Holiday for the marketing of his book. I thought, he shares so much value, he knows his stuff.  This book is a rally cry to avoid traditional careers and make a decision to choose yourself:  develop good habits, and create your own career. His podcasts and articles are really good, too.


8. Trust Me I’m Lying – Ryan Holiday. Subtitled Confessions Of A Media Manipulator, this provides a deeper understanding of the influence that news, blogs and broadcast media have in our life – and how manipulation and lies capture our attention and feed a narrative. Placed within the context of the pandemic and race wars, this really showed me what they do, and how they do it. Ryan Holiday even confesses how he uses this in his marketing. To my mind, everything should be done with the best intent, and this provides a warning about the possibilities of manipulation. A must-read for anyone involved in marketing or PR, or those about to launch a brand or a book.


9. Think And Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill. Written in 1937, it really is a perennial seller – a powerful book that I’ve read about 3 times. When we read and absorb any stimuli, it connects us to the vibrational frequency of that material, and I re-read it because I wanted to realign my energy to where I’m heading in life. This book describes the common habits of wealthy, successful people, taken from research of 500 individuals over 20 years. This should be the entrepreneur’s bible, although it’s wider than that – it is for anyone who wants to achieve a greater level of success, by using 13 key principles presented here.


10. Key Person Of Influence – Daniel Priestley. People in every industry mention the names of key people of influence. They magnetise opportunities to them, and they earn more money. This shows you how to become one. I had already started implementing this strategy before I read the book, but it’s always good to have it reinforced. I definitely recommend this book – it’s a really good read. Daniel Priestley breaks down the process of becoming a key person of influence, describing the opportunities that open up when you are a KPI – within your business, your industry, and in elevating your community to where you want it to be. Really, really good reading. A strategy for fast-tracking your way into inner circles, since your ability to connect with and influence others will ensure your success.


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Well, this concludes my two-part recommended reading list. There are plenty more great reads – but these are the ones that impacted me and influenced my thinking and practice over the last 18 months. There is one book that I have not included within this list because technically I never read it, I simply wrote it!

My soon to be released book “the Success Rebellion” will transform your perspective on what is possible and what life can look like once breaking the barriers of limitation and non-belief. The book was inspired from my life journey coming from nothing, overcoming adversity and negativity to then go on to achieve huge success across all areas of my life. If you are unhappy, unfulfilled or stuck in the mammotomy of life then the Success Rebellion has to be your next read!


To receive notification and the special offer upon it’s release, as well as a free copy of my latest e-book “the 12 Disciplines of Success” please click the link below and take charge of your life today!

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