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If you want to achieve your goals, and have a happy life, it makes sense to develop and maintain an abundancy mindset. But how do you do this, if it doesn’t come naturally to you?

Do you have an abundance or scarcity mindset? That is – do you hold the belief that life is abundant, with plenty for everyone, if they can access it? Do you have an optimistic view? Successful, happy people have this kind of thinking – an abundance mindset. Or do you tend to be fearful that there’s not enough to go round – whether it’s resources, time, or money? More of a cautious, or even negative, view? Do you think some people are just lucky – and there’s nothing you can do, because there isn’t enough for everyone? Or, you might believe that, with only limited resources available, you must compete for them. You have to work much harder and beat all the others. People who worry there’s never enough and that there are only limited opportunities are scarcity thinkers – but when fear like this drives you, it holds you back. It’s the kind of mindset that blocks success, or locks people in poverty or stops them from fulfilling their potential. That’s a scarcity mindset.

Throw out those old, negative beliefs

We learn our beliefs, behaviour and attitudes in childhood, from our family or school. Your childhood and upbringing might have detrimentally affected your beliefs – as a small child, we deeply believe what those around us say, and those beliefs unconsciously seem to become part of our identity. And identity-level beliefs are hard to shake off. Maybe your parents told you ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’ or even ‘Money is the root of all evil’. Is it any surprise this might give you a deep-seated belief that having money is bad? One that you might find hard to shake as an adult, and that subconsciously prevents you from being wealthy? Some people address their scarcity mindset by putting in extra hard work all hours, throwing everything into their race for riches. And while they may achieve some wealth, when they do, they unconsciously panic – because of that subconscious belief that they shouldn’t actually be successful or rich.  Or that there’s a limit. They might even go bankrupt, because of that anxiety from the deeply-held doubt that they don’t really deserve it. These limiting beliefs that you have to work really, really hard for your money – or that you don’t deserve success – or that’s it’s ‘evil’ to be wealthy – are self-fulfilling. Such beliefs put an unconscious block on your success.

You might need some help – from counselling, coaching or therapy – to deal with such deeply ingrained beliefs. For starters, take special note of what you think or tell yourself. If you notice any negative thinking like ‘I can’t’, or ‘not enough’ make a real effort to change your thinking and wording to express greater positivity and possibility. ‘I can’ – ‘I will’ and ‘endless opportunities’. It may feel awkward to begin with, but practise gives infinite benefits!


Practise positive visualisation to develop an abundance mindset. It’s just like purposeful, powerful daydreaming. Create a vision that is really detailed. Make a mental picture of your goal (or whatever it is you want to have, be or do). Make it very strong, colourful, and multi-sensory. What will you feel, hear and see? Really imagine how it will feel when you’ve achieved it or got it. This powerful emotional and sensory experience will give you the incentive and motivation to work towards achieving it, in real life. You don’t even have to believe in the Laws of Attraction. Your mindset impacts on the results you get – positively or negatively. After you have visualised what you want – break down your journey towards it. What steps do you need to take to achieve it? Then, take them.

Don’t compete – create

Life is abundant. There’s enough for everyone. There’s really no need for competition, beating the rest or taking things away from others. You don’t have to fight other people for limited money or opportunities. Be a creator, not a competitor. If you believe in the ability to create, it give you infinite possibilities and wealth. You have already learned to visualise and use your imagination to create mental pictures and ideas that motivate you to take action to realise them. If you are being creative  – whether in your mind, or using your skills and experience, this gives you a means to wealth, success and abundance. Be creative in your business, products or service offer. Surprise a buyer by giving extra value. Go above and beyond their expectations, and your business will prosper.

Competition focuses on beating other people, winning or losing. It’s somewhat mean, self-centred and selfish. Being creative is about generously giving, using those infinite opportunities, ideas and possibilities, and serving others.

With practice you can change the habits of a lifetime, and enable new thinking – for abundance, rather than scarcity and limitation. Change your mindset for success. Abundant thinking attracts abundant possibilities – of wealth, health, and happiness. Be limitless. Here’s to infinity – and beyond!


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