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For most people who wish to increase their income and achieve a level of financial freedom, one of the biggest obstacles is their lack of basic financial planning and management. This doesn’t just mean business acumen and accountancy skills – the major issues are mindset, focus and taking action towards your goals.

Every week, hundreds of millions of people around the globe live in the hope that their lucky numbers will deliver the winning sequence – so that, magically, their money struggles disappear, and they’re taken from financial worry and stress to a place of fortune and joy. But each week, the same hundreds of millions of people have their hopes dashed when their tickets fail to deliver the promised escape from life’s hardships.

If you are one of the millions who places their future in the hope of a lottery win, I have news for you. You need a new plan.

We tell our children that genies in magic lamps and fairy godmothers are just make-believe things in children’s stories. Yet, as adults, many of us partake in the weekly ritual of exchanging our hard-earned cash for a handful of beans in the hope that magic happens. But there is no golden goose, no reward, no windfall. Week in, week out, we repeat the same cycle, to no avail. Our life continues as it always has done.

If you think the answer to financial freedom will be delivered in a Lotto win, it’s time to get real!

Now, I’m not saying it’s impossible to get lucky. I do know of one person who overcame the massive odds to bag a winning sum – which has definitely helped to change his life for the better. But he is the only one!

But what I can tell you is this. Out of the hundreds of successful people I have met, none of them have got where they are now, or acquired the wealth they have, via a lottery win.

So, why am I telling you this?

For the simple reason that if you want to better your circumstances and increase your bank balance and achieve the goal of complete financial freedom, it’s never going to come from waiting for your luck to change in Saturday night’s draw, desperately wishing that this week will be different. This, my friend, is what failure looks like.

Once upon a time, that was my behaviour. Not hedging my bets on a lottery win; but believing that my only hope of becoming successful and elevating my life was through luck. Or hoping that somebody better off than me would give me a helping hand. But guess what? It never happened. No surprise windfalls, no kind deeds, no form of luck. Instead, I learned the hard truth that nothing happens in life unless you take the steps to make it happen.

And so, I did.

For anyone who wants a better life but doesn’t know how to get it, I know that the hardest step to take is always the first. Why? Because you haven’t got a clue which direction to head in! If you did, you would already be on your way.

What if you could overcome the first hurdles that have so far prevented you from living life on your terms? Wouldn’t that be great?

I want to help you to take the first couple of steps, to create the momentum to make your own good fortune:

1) Take ownership and responsibility. You have already started doing this, by reading this article! Where you are in life is as a result of your actions and behaviour – and your thoughts, beliefs and feelings about money. Once you begin to take ownership and responsibility, you will come to understand the basic law of cause and effect. Your actions affect your outcomes. You are the difference between you succeeding and failing. Don’t depend on other people doing things for you, or expect others to help you to achieve freedom or wealth. It’s all down to you.

2) Education over Entertainment. Ensure that you spend more time learning skills or knowledge that will take you where you want to go in life. It’s evident that people who haven’t achieved the success they want will prioritise their own entertainment above education. They spend their spare time socialising with mates, watching TV or box-sets, gaming, or posting on social media. None of it helps them to achieve their life goals or financial freedom. To do this, it’s important to dedicate time to self-education. Even an hour a day spent reading books on business or listening to informative podcasts on financial success or investment amounts to valuable time spent. Over a year, you’ll have gained 365 hours: the equivalent of 45 full days’ education (8 hours a day) – exclude weekends, and that’s around two months’ learning. Imagine the degree of skills and knowledge you will gain, to inform your progress to success!

3) You are the sum total of the people you spend most time with – the average of the company you keep. Examine your own sphere of influence and the people around you, because they influence your level of success. Rich people surround themselves with rich people. Positive people surround themselves with positive people. Your network impacts on your success, so if you want to level up, mix with the people who are where you want to be, or well on the way. Put yourself in different environments with people who are going to lift you higher.

4) Set goals for yourself. Whether they are financial or career goals, put goals in place. It’s important to have goals you want to aspire to, and reach – and when you have your sights set on achieving them, you will move forward. Most people are just going round in circles, repeating the same cycles. In order to break that pattern and to progress, you need to know which direction you are headed, and set off, for success.

I’ve said that magic is a thing of fairy tales. But you can create your own magic and rewrite your own story. No need to wait for someone to rescue you. Be your own hero and achieve the financial freedom that you seek



Photo by Karolina Grabowska

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